Simi’s Kitchen

آشپزخانهٔ سیمین


Those purchased between 2020 – December 2021 will be valid until the end of 2022. All vouchers issued this year are valid for one year from date of issue.

For the past 12 years I’ve been teaching Middle Eastern cookery classes and catering, and more recently I offer a Friday night Supper Club for delivery and collection only.

Please click on the Supper Club for more details, or email me

Since 2010, Simi’s Kitchen has been providing a range of customised classes celebrating the food of the Middle East.  In season she uses herbs, fruit and vegetables from her organic allotment. Simi enjoys sharing her food heritage in classes, demonstrations, supper clubs, catering and writing.  Please click here find out more about classes.

In this link you see me teaching, cooking and picnicking in Iran with Wild Frontiers travellers.

Simi’s Kitchen has been featured in the Guardian, the Foodie BugleKinfolk and Bath Life and Crumbs Magazine.

Preparing just picked vegetables to be cooked in our cob oven (made by us). Bath Organic Group harvest feast.

9 thoughts on “Simi’s Kitchen

    1. This is a year late as I saw today! Just get campaign grapes and they must be ripe. Blend and strain the juice. Then boil it down to syrup. In Azerbaijan at the end they add clean clay soil but here I just add a little sugar as I have no other choice. You must boil it to jam consistency. Also, there are imported ones from Turkey in Mid.Eastern stores but I like mine.

    1. I cook for myself and I am a good cook. I even have gone to cooking classes but Iranian Kabob no matter how you try does not taste like Iran. The best way is to buy meat fresh and pound it and make onion juice. Sprinkle with salt and brush all over the both sides of the meat. This way is a lot similar to the ones in Iran. I have a friend who lives in Orange country California, and she is the author of a cookbook and she might do it but she is from Azerbaijan ( the North, Baku) I am from Azerbaijan too but from the South, Tabriz. If you are interested, you can email me and we will take from there.Also, Armenians may do that depending on where you are located. I am in Los Angeles.

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