I offer catering for delivery, pickup or in your home. Please email me for more details.

I just need to know your budget, dietary requirements and what type of food you’d like. I cater for omnivores, gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian and vegan but I’m not completely nut free!

Minimum order £100.00

Here are some quotes from happy customers in 2021:

Geoff & Maggie Andrews

“We had a Saturday night family reunion planned, and we wanted it to be relaxed, unhurried, and uninterrupted by noisy neighbouring tables. We didn’t need the hassle of the shortage of Saturday night taxis either, or being chivvied by the restaurant because they wanted to fit in another sitting.
What we needed was good food, relaxed ambiance, and a price we could afford.
Simi’s made-to-measure feast solved all those problems by creating a three course menu of the food we said we wanted to eat,  delivered to our home a couple of hours before we ate.
Beautifully decorated, expertly cooked, and in our own dishes (collected the day before) here was a feast that just needed reheating for 20 minutes before we settled down to a slow, long evening of eating delicious food, and chatting at our own pace.
And with the budget for the feast agreed beforehand, we knew there would be no surprises in the bill. Thank you Simi.”

Sammy Mansourpour:

“Simi prepared the catering for my fathers summer memorial service. She served a rich and complex mix of Persian dishes with freshly made rice and tahdiq. It was meticulously prepared and served hot to 100 people. We could not have wished for a better companion to the day and would not hesitate to recommend Simi, you’ll be struck lucky by her culinary expertise.”