Autumnal apricots گیساوا

شاد باشید که جشن مهرگان آمد       بانگ و آوای ِدَرای ِکاروان آمد

Be happy Mehregan celebrations are here      Call & song of caravan bells are here

Both poems in this blog are by Manuchehri Damghani, an 11th century Irani poet.

In Iran the equinoxes herald the seasons. The autumn equinox was on Wednesday 23rd of September for us in the northern hemisphere, and is known as Mehregan in Iran.  Quite a different story for my sister in the antipodes!

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Chaharshanbeh Soori, penultimate Wednesday pyromania

In my last post, I mentioned I’d keep you up to date with my preparations for the  celebration of Nowruz, and here I am with a quick update.  Last week, I started the spring cleaning and also sprouted some lentils for the haft siin table (more in my next post), but in this post I’ll speak about Chaharshanbeh soori – چهارشنبه ‌سوری‎ – red Wednesday in Farsi and Akhir Chaharshanba – اخیر چهارشنبه – last Wednesday in Azeri.  For millennia, the peoples of the Greater Iran region have built fires and jumped over them in a symbolic act of cleansing, change of fortune, and seeing the old year out, and new one in.  I haven’t studied the origins of Chaharshanbeh soori to know for sure if it was Zoroastrian or a post Islamic Iran way of disrespecting fire (by jumping over it) and the superstition of Wednesday being lucky or unlucky. All I know is we all seem to enjoy gathering around a fire with loved ones and feel comforted in its glow and warmed by its energy.

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