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  1. Thanks so much beautiful blog, my grand maa used to make Valak Polo (with wild garlic) just before Noruz and it made the house smell amazing, I hope I can find bulbs to plant in Colorado, USA!

    1. Salom Nushin jan. Thank you for your kind words. I too make sabzi polow with wild garlic (Allium ursine) is a perennial plant so if you get bulbs once they are in you’ll have wild garlic every year. They are shade lovely and tend to take over a bit so it’s good to know the bulbs are edible too! Where is the word valak from and what does it mean?

  2. Hello! I feel excited to have found your beautiful blog. I wish you would also consider some online “persian” cooking classes, as I live in the U.S. Your classes sound so warm & delicious! I can also learn a few things about gardening skills. 🙂 Thanks…

    1. Merci Azita jan for your kind words. Thank you I shall consider it as I already setup a youtube channel for Simi’s Kitchen. I’m off to Iran to do some recipe research for a month or so. I’ll look into it on my return.

  3. Hello – do you have any February classes available? I only ask as I am looking to travel to Bath the last week of the month, and it would be terrific to take a class with you. Let me know and thank you so much! Gala.

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