کلاس های آشپزی

Come and enjoy examples of the celebrated cuisine and hospitality of the Silk Route, especially Persia and Azerbaijan, with me, in the beautiful city of Bath, in your home (near Bath 20mile radius) or on zoom. My informal cookery courses are perhaps more akin to a meal at a friend’s house than a formal class. I demonstrate how to make the dishes.  The class ends with a meal.

I also offer online classes, please get in touch to organise a lesson.  They are a cook along of sorts, I send the recipe, ingredients list and guidance on what to have prepared in advance.   We then cook together via Zoom or other Video applications.  £85 per person for two and half hour class.

Class details

All of these classes can be altered very easily so as to suit coeliac, vegetarian & vegan diets. In season we will use fruit and vegetables picked in Bath the day of the class.The lesson culminates in a feast of what has been made, and includes salads, yoghurt, pickles and drinks.
Whether it’s with friends, family, colleagues on corporate events or cultured hens & stags, its a great way to learn about the authentic food, culture and customs of the Middle East, Iran, Turkey and India. Suitable for all skill levels.   Classes are at most 3 hours long.

If you’d like to book a place or buy a gift voucher (valid for one year), please get in touch:


Cancellation Policy: If for whatever reason you need to cancel your booking, we offer a 50% refund up to one week prior to the course date. For cancellations with less than one week’s notice you will only receive a refund if we can find someone to take your place.

In the unlikely event that we have to cancel the course we aim to give you at least 24 hours notice and you will receive a full refund.

Bespoke classes

My daytime, evening and weekend courses can be customised. Decide on a date and class (see below for ideas) and then get in touch.  It is the perfect way to learn and indulge your love of food.   If you’d like to be part of a group, then I suggest you organise your own group otherwise I will get back to you with dates of my fixed classes usually on Saturdays.  I need at least 48 hours notice to prepare for a class.

The following are an example of my most popular courses.  We use seasonal ingredients depending on what is available from my organic  or that I’ve been able to forage in Bath.

  • Persian Feast – We make Kashk bademjan, an aubergine dip with kashk a dairy based sauce and walnuts, followed by Jewelled rice or Zereshk Polow – rice with emerald pistachios, ruby barberries and canary diamonds saffron almonds. This is served with saffron coated chicken.
  • Vegetarian Middle Eastern Medley – We make the classic vegetarian dishes of the Middle East such as imam bayaldi, piyaz, pilafs, borek and salads.
  • Vegan Moorish Medley – We make seasonal Arabic, Turkish, Persian and Azeri dishes such as: salads, fatayer, muddadarah, mutable, freekeh and tangines. Using legumes, herbs and spices such as zattar, ras al hangout and berries e.g. barberries and sumac and of course tahini.
  • Moghul Indian – We make rich dhal, biriyani, creamy curry and sides for a meal fit for a Moghul durbar.
  • Rice Masterclass – We cook three flavours of rice each in a different way. Depending on the season we will make: Zereshkpolow: barberry, saffron, pistachio polow with potato tah-dig; Baghali polow: dill and broad bean rice; Advieh polow: a rose petal and spice scented rice; and Tahchin: rice with an egg and yoghurt tah-dig baked in the oven followed by Sholeh zard, a saffron & rosewater rice pudding.
  • Herbs As Ingredients – In Iranian cooking herbs are used like vegetables and in this class we first make Osh (broth) using chives, tarragon, parsley and coriander. Kookoo sabzi (frittata) is next, using spring onions, walnuts and barberries. Finally we make Khoresht Ghormeh Sabzi (stew or curry) using parsley, chives and dried lemons.
  • Khoresh Masterclass – We make different khoresh using seasonal vegetables and fruit which we eat with saffron rice.
  • Pickles, Jams & Preserves – We make seasonal preserves including verjuice, rose petal jam and various torshi (pickles).
  • Gluten Free Cookery – You can learn at Simi’s Kitchen or in your home about what to cook and how to adapt recipes to be gluten free.
  • General cookery course: We learn basic ingredients and cooking techniques. Keeping a well stocked larder, batch cooking, and good old-fashioned frugal seasonal cooking.

Cost: Groups of 4 or more, £90 per person. Groups of 2 or 3, £140 per person. One-to-one £360.

50% deposit to secure a place and remainder to be paid on the day.  Under 18s to be accompanied by an adult.


Set Middle Eastern Classes are run every Saturday (10am – 1pm) Cost: £90 per person. £75 for Students & teenagers.  50% deposit to secure a place and remainder to be paid on the day.

Under 18s to be accompanied by an adult.

I like to watch other people cook because what I am looking for is not so much technique but the “heart” of the cuisine because if I understand at that level I know what to aim for. You certainly showed that! I loved what you cooked and how you handled the food, the flavours, the colours, the textures, the freshness of the salad………….. Cooking with tomato puree will never be the same!”

“…opened my eyes to a whole new way of cooking…”

“I found the whole experience quite stimulating. You have such an professional and articulate approach, the food was wonderful.”

“The warmth and love which emanated from you and the Persian cooking class will remain with me as a very fond memory.”

“Simi made us feel right at home. Wonderful recipes, very relaxed atmosphere. Fresh ingredients and the food was intertwined with stories from Iran. Integrated many of Simi’s cooking tips in my everyday life.”

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